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About Jeff Ziegler

CO-Founder of WealthyIQ

Over the past 15 years, I've devoted my life to one thing: Uncovering, teaching, and disseminating the best methods for becoming financially free. 

My wife and I became financially free in 2006 because our passive income had exceeded our turn-key expenses. 

In 2016 we almost lost everything, and I was desperate for a solution! 

Because of that experience, I learned how to build a stronger foundation using easy to understand corporate finance strategies that are far superior and less risky than what you've been taught in personal finance. 

Over the past year, I've focused entirely on teaching families and small business owners how to put the same plan into place that my wife and I did to be financially free.   Regardless of your age, income, social status, investment knowledge, or experience you can have this life... anyone can.

My team and I have exerted Herculean levels of effort in the past year to ensure that we can deliver results that aren't just good.  But Spectacular. 

And, dare I say, we've succeeded!

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Meet My Family

I currently live in Colorado with the love of my life, Tina, and five handsome young sons, Dalton (22), Garrett (20), Cade (18), Chase (16), and Jett (14).

Below are my handsome young men. From left to right, Garrett (21), Jett (15), Cade (19), Dalton (22), and Chase (16).

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