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Discover Your Intelligent Path To Financial Freedom

...It's Closer Than You Think!

Discover Your Intelligent Path To Financial Freedom

...It's Closer Than You Think!

What Does Financial Freedom Look Like?

We define financial freedom as control – control over your life, your money, and your future.  When you control your cash flow you never have to dip into your future income potential and borrow money today against your future earnings.  With financial freedom, you can bypass the banks and other financial institutions that restrict your ability to become your own source of financing.  We believe that all individuals have the right to live their lives in pursuit of dreams and aspirations that are impressed upon one’s heart. Financial Freedom is a tool that we believe is foundational to a life of impact.  Sign up for our masterclass and discover your intelligent path to financial freedom in the shortest time frame possible.

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Pay Yourself First

This is the most important financial decision of your life: what portion are you going to pay yourself before you spend a single dollar on your day-to-day living expenses.  We help our clients determine this number, then optimize those dollars so they can increase their cash flow in order to always have control and independence with their money in their future. Our goal with each client is to help them reach complete financial freedom in 10 Years.

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Buy Assets, Not Liabilities

The banks and other financial institutions have trained us to spend and pay interest rather than save and earn interest.  We flip the system for your benefit and help you become the one who makes interest on your money, not the bank.  Continuous Uninterrupted Compounding is the “Best Kept Secret of the Wealthy” and we’ll show you how you can do it too!

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It’s Not How Much You Make It’s How Much You Keep

Sophisticated people know that it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep that matters more than anything,  even more than the rate of return.  Your largest wealth transfer is TAXES.  The biggest problem with taxes is that every dollar of yours that goes to Uncle Sam costs you not just that dollar, but all the extra dollars you would have made on the interest compounded over time.  Paying unnecessary taxes has a significant impact on your financial future.  You need to get as many of your dollars out of the hands of unscrupulous politicians, and you’ll learn how on the masterclass.


Step 1:

Watch The Online Masterclass - Personal finance methods are failing and will continue to fail and it’s time for you to take control. This 45-minute masterclass will discuss the painful problem facing every American. Fact: our economy is designed to make you work yourself to exhaustion simply to accumulate wealth for your money manager and other companies you do business with. We believe there is a smarter way and you’ll discover the powerful possibility and how you can use easy to understand corporate finance tactics to put the odds in your favor. It’s math, not magic or opinions.

Step 2:

Get The Facts - After attending the masterclass, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your unique situation with one of our highly-trained consultants. There is no charge for this service and they’ll run your numbers through our proprietary Wealthy IQ software and provide you with the shortest time frame to Financial Freedom.

Step 3:

We Help You Implement the Plan - We’ve been exactly where you are. We understand the frustrations and uncertainty about the future (especially now with Covid-19). We know where you’re stuck, and we know exactly how to help you move forward and break free.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!


"As an entrepreneur and investor of large-scale opportunities, I am always intrigued with individuals who ‘just seem to get it. Having known Jeff for many years, I would easily describe him as one of the most disciplined visionaries I have ever met. Candidly, although I am involved in the development of the largest public/private development in the history of Phoenix, I have chosen only one additional investment opportunity and it is with Jeff.  He is trust-worthy and intensely committed to succeed."

Don Cardon CEO Cardon Development

Pheonix, AZ


"We would like to thank the team at WeathyIQ for making this information available. We had some concerns about our current plan and didn't know for sure when we'd actually be financially free. After sitting down with Jeff and Tina we realized we had a problem that needed immediate attention. In just a couple of days, they were able to put together a plan to have us financially free in just 11 years instead of 40... saving us 3 decades. Donman and I just wanted to say thank you for providing a better way to ensure we'd be able to retire when we wanted."

Doman & Jennifer Hart

Peyton, CO


"I wish I would have deployed the concepts from WealthyIQ when I retired 30 years ago from my corporate role as a Banking Sr VP.  I'm faced with the reality of having a hefty Tax Bill due to the IRS which could have been avoided using your strategies. I became a client because I found the team at WealthyIQ extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy.  I would highly recommend their service to anyone wanting financial freedom in the shortest time frame possible.”

Bruce & Angie Davidson

Colorado Springs, CO

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