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The Power of Power of Capital on Hand (C.O.H.) and The National Crisis in Personal Finance

I have no idea what the economic climate will be in the United States when you read this blog post.  


However, there is one thing that I know for certain will not change regardless of when you read this.  Personal finance methods are failing and they are going to continue to fail.

At the moment, the impact of COVID-19 is felt by everyone, families and small business owners are doing everything they can to hold on, and they are the most affected ones.

Why?  Because families and small business owners typically lack the cash flow, C.O.H. (Capital on Hand), to continue to service their liabilities (unproductive debt).  

I believe this is because the focus is wrong and that mainstream Personal Finance Methods are to blame.  

What makes me qualified to say such a bold statement?

I learned how vital cash flow and C.O.H. is from the school of hard knocks, and now I teach people all over the United States how to accelerate both.  

The exact opposite is being taught in Personal Finance Methods.  

The numbers I'm going to review below are before the COVID 19 Pandemic, but let's take a look at how things are going for the typical American.

  • According to the Federal Reserve of Consumer Finances - Across all retirement accounts, the average family only has $135,000 total to cover all their retirement expenses. With $600 of income per month, your money will be dried up by 19 years. Not to mention $600 would only be enough to cover only one, maybe two of the necessities you spend your money on such as groceries, health care, heating, transportation, and many others.

  • Most pre-retirees plan on downsizing for retirement, but even by cutting back spending to 75% of pre-retirement levels, the Center of Retirement Research Study says that over half of U.S. households are at risk of not having enough money for retirement.

  • The typical 65 year old will live at least a whole decade after they have already run out of money, according to a June 2019 White Paper by the World Economic Forum



The herd mentality is DESTRUCTIVE and will rob you of the future you deserve.

WealthyIQ what's your plan for retirement?

So the million-dollar question is... 

Do you have the courage to step away from the crowd to learn more and choose the road less taken? 

If you could genuinely be financially free in the next ten years or less, increasing your cash flow, building a war chest of C.O.H...

Without the danger of losing your money...

Wouldn't you be more willing to take control and do it yourself?  

Maybe you're thinking, "I'd love that, but Jeff, it sounds too good to be true."  

My response back to you would be, "We only believe this when it comes to things that we lack prior knowledge and experience.  All great human achievements sounded too good to be true at the time."

Think about the smartphone.  

Suppose I would have told you in 1980, that we'd have a device in the near future that is the size of a deck of cards that would have the ability to call anyone, anywhere in the world and have access to all the other crazy things it does.  You’d say I was nuts!

Yet you’re carrying one in your pocket now. Unless that is you happen to live in a cave.

Once you get past the skepticism, the answer to that question is obviously yes!  The most expensive thing you’ll ever own is a closed mind.  Get the facts, this is about math, not my opinions or assumptions (or glossy pie charts and hypothetical average returns).  

Watch my video on the truth calculator if you haven’t already.

Our goal as a company for the next decade is to help 1,000,000 families, and business owners make that a reality just like Tina and I did for my family.

Maybe it’s not possible, but we are going to find out.


Imagine a world where Parents learn the WealthyIQ principles and teach it to their kids.  This would allow them to control their cash flow at an early age, so they never have to dip into their future income potential and borrow money today against their future earnings.  

That means they can live their lives in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations and impact the world in a more significant way.   



Sign up for my on-demand masterclass on our home page and I’ll show you how this can be your reality.

This is the decade of financial freedom for anyone who wants it, allow us to show you the intelligent path.

Your Freedom Matters!

Jeff Z

Co-Founder, WealthyIQ

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